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Pop-up Facial Tissues 3 Pack (120 sheets* 3ply)

Pop-up Facial Tissues 3 Pack (120 sheets* 3ply)

· Soft pack facial tissue paper
· Made of 100% wood pulp
· Soft and compact tissue
· 120 sheet x 3ply, durable
· Size: 19.5mm x 13.3mm
SKU 64794
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PREMIUM MATERIAL - Made of delicate 100% natural wood pulp, the tissues make your face wiping more comfortable. Naturally gentle and white, pure and unscented, it is safe for all people to use.

HIGHLY ABSORBENT - The thickened 3ply design of these tissues has good water absorption and is easier to wipe. Besides, they are not easy teared, will not leave residue after wiping.

MULTI-PURPOSE - The tissues can be used for personal care/baby care/women makeup removing/house cleaning/office cleaning/outdoor use.

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