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We Bare Bears Head Shaking Car Air Freshener(Ocean)

We Bare Bears Head Shaking Car Air Freshener(Ocean)

Cute bear's head shakes with a movement. Concentrated fragrance, long lasting effect.
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Barcode 0300020711
Material: PVC, PP, Ion paste; Ingredients: 65% Essence, 24.7% Solvent, 0.3%, 10% Gelata
Specification 7.3*9.5cm/6g

WE BARE BEARS BOBBLEHEAD DOLL - The amazing cute world of We Bare Bears has now joined force with MINISO to bring you MINISO & We Bare Bears car air freshener for bringing this adorable figure to your life! Start your ride and feel fresh with MINISO car air freshener.

CAR AIR FRESHENER - This lovely vehicle scent diffuser with special perfume cream inside can purifies air, eliminates bad smells. Natural aroma effectively keep your space smell fresh without unpleasant smell. Premium essence ensure non-toxic & healthy for you and your family.

UNIQUE DESIGN - This is not just a car air freshener, but a cute bobblehead toy on car dashboard. When the car is driving, the adorable white bear will shake its head with the car to increase the fun, which can help you reduce stress and fatigue.


1. Unpack the product. 2. Gently remove the lid from the base. 3. Tear aluminum membrane from the ion paste and then place into the base. 4. Put the lid back on. 5. Fix the product on the platform in the car.

1. Please use this product according to instructions. Keep away from high temperature and fire. 2. Ensure the product is placed upright. In case of leakage, wipe it with wet cloth in order to avoid damaging the surface. 3. Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water. 4. Do not eat! If swallowed, seek for medical assistance. 5. Do not place above or near air bag. ※The scent will last for about 30-40 days in closed environment.
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