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Multi-purpose Cuticle Removal Pedicure Tool Kit

Multi-purpose Cuticle Removal Pedicure Tool Kit

Swiftly removes cuticle for tender and smooth skin
SKU 54435
Item code 0200042101
Barcode 0200042101
ABS handle,
stainless steel,
chrome plated carbon steel,
carbon steel blade
Specification 60.1g

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1.Assembly: hold down the button on the head portion to separate or insert both parts together
2. Submerge feet in warm water to soften cuticle then peel off any rough skin and cuticle with the peeler, avoid using excessive force to prevent skin damages.Use the stainless steel skin smoother in the next step and use the skin file to finish off for silky smooth skin

Sharp blade. Dry feet with a towel before using the peeler to avoid accidental damges to skin.
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