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Herbal Fragrance Wipes

Herbal Fragrance Wipes

For hand hygiene before and after meal. Cleans the surface of mobile phone, keyboard, sit implement, bus handrails, ect, can effectively inhibit the bacterial breeding.
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Aqua 99.512% Glycerin 0.2% Artemisia…
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Specification 20*15CM

PERSONAL CLEANING WIPES - Unique formula has a light natural herbal scent to provide you with a fresh and clean feel anywhere, anytime. The wipes contain gentle ingredients and they are great for everyday use by the entire family.

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL - Alcohol Free, Mild and Non-irritating. Containing naturally anti-bacteria factors, these tissues may effectively prevent generation of germs, safe, sanitary and healthy.

RESEALABLE PACKAGE - The flip-up lid makes open and close with one hand a breeze when needed. The resealable tab keeps unused wipes fresh and wet, reducing waste from drying out after the initial opening.

EASY TO CARRY - MINISO 80-sheet travel-friendly hand cleaning wipes go wherever you go. Keep a pack handy in your office bags, small backpacks, handbags, clothes pockets, take it out and use it without occupying space.


For skin cleaning, do not use it around the eyes; Open it by tearing up the dentate part.

Store in a cool, dry place, keep away from direct sunlight and high temperature. Do not throw it into the toilet after use.
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