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Adult’s Disposable Mouth Mask 15 pack(Blue)

Adult’s Disposable Mouth Mask 15 pack(Blue)

· 3 layer professional design

· Hypoallergenic PP non-woven and meltblown

· Provide perfect protection against germs, viruses and PM2.5

· Elastic earloops and ultra soft liner

· Sturdy and flexible nose bridge bar

· Adult size 17.5*9.5cm (15 Pieces)
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Item code 0700038661
Barcode 0700038661
Specification 17.5*9.5cm

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1.3-Layer Professional Design. 3-ply construction, grem-free PP non-woven and meltblown help prevent harmful pollens, dusts, germs, viruses from breathing into respiratory tract. Our face masks efficiently filter airborne particles free of oil, dust, solid and liquid particles, smog, smoke, PM2.5.,etc.

2.Easy to Wear. Comfortable earloops and ultra soft liner make our disposable face mask simple to wear and ensure comfort and perfect feeling for long-time wearing.

3.Wide Usage: This disposable mask is suitable for outdoor, cleaning activities, mowing, sweeping, drilling work, sawing operation, grinding work, fluid resistance and dust prevention.,etc.

1. Disposable product. Please don't reuse. 2. It isn't recommended that children under 3 years old use this mask, because of their low vital capacity. 3. Please keep it in a cool and dry place. 4. When your skin appears redness, itching and stimulation, please stop use and seek for medical help. 5.Keep away from fire. Don't use it in an environment with toxic gas and dust. 6. Keep out of reach of babies and children. 7. If you are uncomfortable about the smell, please stop use.
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