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Toast Sloth Plush Toy

Toast Sloth Plush Toy

·Cute sitting brown sloth toy
·Exquisite embroidery make the toy more vivid
·Best gift for boys and girls
·It can become your pillow/throw pillow/backrest/decoration
·Size: 25cm(L)*15cm(W)*28cm(H)
SKU 191280
Item code 2008838110104
Barcode 2008838110104

* Price does not apply to some stores

1.A japan artist designed a sitting brown sloth toy. The funny toy is popular in the youth.
2.This toy is mechanized production so that the splices are tight and secure. The toy expression makes from embroidery. It makes the plush toy come to life.
3.The cute sloth plush toy is the best gift for children, couples and friends. It can make you feel secure and no longer lonely.
4.The multifunctional toy can always help you. It can become your pillow/back pillow/throw pillow anytime, anywhere.
5.Cover: 95% polyester, 5% elastane; Filling: 100% polyester;

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