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Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Set ( White and Grey )

Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Set ( White and Grey )

1. Fashionable multimedia USB Set.Mini and portable. 2. Compatible with Windows2000/ME/XP/(X-64)/Vista7/8/10/Mac OS X(above V10.4). 3. One USB receiver for both mouse and keyboard. Convenient to use.
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Item code 0500008853
Barcode 0500008853
ABS + Silicone + PC
Specification Keyboard:29X14X27cm; Mouse:10X6X3.8cm

* Price does not apply to some stores

1. Put one AA battery respectively in keyboard and mouse. 2.Take out the receiver from the mouse, plug in Computer USB port. Then you can use both mouse and keyboard.

1. Part of the keyboard's function can't work with IOS system. ( F5 - F8 no function ). 2. Please do not disassemble it at will. No bump or crash. Protect from water.
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