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Stalinite Body Weight Scale(Black)

Stalinite Body Weight Scale(Black)

This product is an electronic weighting scale for household, be used for measuring weight. The character of this product is good looking appearance, precise measurement, and easy to use.
SKU 11575
Item code 0300008572
Barcode 0300008572
Tempered glass and HIPS.
Specification Size: 290*235*25mm

Net Weight: 1.2kg

* Price does not apply to some stores


1. Open the paper box and pull out the scale. 2. Take off the PE bag. Pull out the battery cover at the back of the scale and load the batteries. 3. Put the scale on the flat hard ground, stand on the scale. 4. Weight 2-3 times continuously.

1.Beware of slippery when using. 2.Place it on the flat hard ground for first use.(Do not place it on the carpet or soft product for measurement. Avoid the affect of accuracy.) 3.Remove the protective coat before use. Follow the instruction to set the par
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