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Soft Cotton Pads 180 Sheets (White)

Soft Cotton Pads 180 Sheets (White)

Soft and gentle touch. Perfect for all your cosmetic needs.
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40% Rayon Fiber, 60% Natural cotton
Specification 5cm*6cm*180 sheets

PREMIUM NATURAL COTTON - These pads are made from 40% rayon fiber, 60% natural cotton and covered with a durable, yet ultra soft fleece surface, perfect for all skin type including sensitive skin.

GOOD FLEXIBILITY - The product is too resilient to be tore, not to leave any lint and not to deform. Makeup can be removed effectively with greater absorbency and softness.

180 PADS - This zip lock bag contains 180 pcs thick layered cotton sheets ensuring your daily facial care.

VERSATILE - Portable size, easy to take it out and convenient to store. Ideal for applying toner creams and lotions on the face, removing nail polish and makeup or nail polish, etc.


Ideal for applying toner on the face, removing nail polish and makeup etc.

1.Once opened, please cover it after use to protect from dust.2.Keep it out of reach of children.
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