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Copper Pipe Automatic Triangle Eyebrow Pencil(Light Brown)

Copper Pipe Automatic Triangle Eyebrow Pencil(Light Brown)

Aluminum packong;made of original forest scent wood,pollution-free,exquisite and no shading.
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Candles, PEG - 12, carnauba wax, synthetic wax, PEG - 20, sesame oil, hydrogenated lanolin, cetyl…
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Specification 0.5g

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1、Draw the eyebrow from the most thick place (1/3 position of eyebrow)or from the curve radian.2、Draw the eyebrow according the brow growth dieriction from down to up,eyebrow peak to the canthrus,to get a streamlined eyebrow.

Do not use if there is wound,eczema,etc,Please use eye makeup remover when cheansing.Avoid contact with eyes.
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