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Enchanced Definition Eyebrow Pencil(Light Brown)

Enchanced Definition Eyebrow Pencil(Light Brown)

Long lasting, easy to stain
SKU 10766
Item code 0200026491
Barcode 0200026491
Water, carbon black, PPG - 26 - butyl alcohol polyether - 26, propylene
Acid (ester) copolymer, phenoxyethanol, CI, CI 7 77489
7491, 77266, 77499, CI CI CI 77266
Specification 14.5*2

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1,Draw following the curve of the eye.Lighter on the front of eyebrow.2,Draw between the arch and outer corner.Repeat the entire process to look natural.

If you have wound, eczema, do not use, please use makeup remover to clean and avoid contact with eyes
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