New Semester

The new semester is about to start.

Are you ready for that?

Have you got all the stationery you need?

Let’s come to MINISO and find what you need here!


Don’t you know there is a new MINISO in the city?


1. Mark Pen

Recommended by KOLs and famous website, the marker pen is definitely the necessity for students. Highlighting the exam key points is count on you!

MINISO NZ Store mark pen01MINISO NZ Store mark pen02

More than 10 kinds of color you can choose from, water-soluble double headed pen, please note it’s a double-headed pen. The refills are soft and in different color depth, which makes it definitely the best choice for highlighting the exam points!


2. Notebook

Miniso dream memo book

MINISO NZ Store pillow notebook01MINISO NZ Store pillow notebook02

Specially designed for students by Korean company “Lightree”, KOL products which monthly sales are more than 70K+. What else can stop you from sleeping in the class!



3. Three Eye-protection Lamp

We already have a pen and notebook, how could we miss the lamp when we study? How many times did we stay up late just for that final exam? So, a good eye-protection lamp is definitely a necessity, and My mom will never worry about my eyes again.

MINISO NZ Store desk lamp02MINISO NZ Store desk lamp01

Adjustable color touch lamp, USB charging series, adjustable color, lifetime is more than 5 hours after fully charged. Totally energy efficient and convenient. You do need one!



MINISO NZ Store mark eye-protect lamp01MINISO NZ Store mark eye-protect lamp02


Decent eye-protection lamp, one-button brightness adjustment, USB charging series, LED energy saving product, highly recommended!


4. Keyboard/ mouse

How come we miss the keyboard and mouse? Although we all have a laptop, it still would be really terrible when keyboard or mouse suddenly broke. “Please don’t, the deadline is tomorrow!” Now, MINISO can save your ass.

MINISO NZ Store keyboard 01MINISO NZ Store keyboard 02

Bluetooth keyboard, which can be connected to the laptop, mobile and iPad etc., and all it needs is just 2 AAA batteries, which makes it portable, convenient, light and handy.


MINISO NZ Store mouse 01MINISO NZ Store mouse 02

Now we already got the keyboard, what about the mouse? Yes, you are right, only $12.99. When it malfunction, don’t worry, because we open until 9 P.M., and we are always there and welcome you!


Auckland City Store:33 Lorne st,Auckland CBD

Open 7 Days 11am-9pm

Sylvia Park Store:Near Pak n Save, Sylvia Park,

285 Mount Wellington Hwy, Auckl

Open 7 Days

Sat – Wed 9am-7pm

Thur – Fri 9am-9pm